VW Golf GTE Sport Concept is Channeling a Fighter Jet in Worthersee

vw golf gte sport hybrid concept race car worthersee
VW Golf GTE Sport

The Golf GTE Sport concept is the next iteration in sports oriented gasoline-electric hybrids from Volkswagen. This one has doors that swing up, a cockpit that will make a fighter jet pilot feel at home, and over 395 of total system horsepower.

The GTE Sport can accelerate from 0-62 MPH in 4.3 seconds thanks in part to the sophisticated all-wheel-drive system. This concept is meant to bridge the gap between road-going production cars like the current Golf GTE and all-out racing cars.


The cockpit has many unique features, like the Formula 1 style steering wheel, layered gauges, and even a visualization of a suggested racing line. This concept is all about business and getting the best times around a race track.

The Golf GTE Sport is evolving the design language of the Vision GTI Concept that was shown in 2013.