Rare Find: 1994 Range Rover County LWB


One of the world’s icons of luxury and off-road performance has made it to this week’s edition of TFLcar.com Rare Finds. This beautiful 1994 Range Rover County LWB is for sale right in TFLcar’s hometown of Denver, CO. Its low mileage, unbelievable interior, and great mechanicals make it one of the most desirable Range Rover Classics on the market today.

Just 5,790 Range Rover Countys were built for the US market in 1994 and even fewer of those were the more desirable and expensive LWB, or long wheelbase, model. Unbelievably, the body style of this 1994 model is very similar to the body style of the original Range Rover released in 1969 for the 1970 model year. Land Rover maintained production of the Range Rover virtually unchanged from the original 1970 launch through 1995, proving that its styling was truly as timeless as its off-road performance.


This Rover is in remarkable shape, both cosmetically and mechanically. With only 104,000 original miles, it’s a true find since it’s become increasingly difficult to find Range Rover Classics with under 150,000 miles, especially in County LWB trim. Most likely, the gaskets on the 4.2-liter V8 are original and fully functional though it’s a common area of failure on the classic Rovers.

In addition, this particular example has just been fitted with Old Man Emu suspension by ARB. This upgrade makes the vehicle much more off-road worthy and helps with on-road comfort. The owner also claims that the front axle was recently rebuilt and that the original roof rack remains with the car. Both are factors that significantly increase the desirability of the car.

As a County LWB-spec Range Rover, this particular model has a 108″ wheelbase as opposed to the 100″ wheelbase standard on the SWB models. The County LWB also received the upgrade to the 4.2-liter V8 over the less-powerful 3.9-liter V8.

Being a 1994 model, this Rover represents one of the most reliable and well-built of the Range Rover Classics, as the Series I body style was reaching the end of its product cycle when this car was  built. Land Rover had already worked out most of the suspension, engine, and interior kinks prior to 1994. Interesting, too, is that the success of the County LWB provided the inspiration for the up-and-coming Range Rover LWB, set to be announced by Land Rover this Spring.


This Range Rover County LWB beautifully blends style, off-road prowess, prestige, and sumptuous luxury in a timeless package. There has been a cult following for these Rovers since their release, and that following won’t soon falter. Here’s the very best part. The owner is only asking $10,500 for this British classic making it more than affordable for the DIYer looking for a weekend warrior vehicle.

Please enjoy this TFLcar.com video of the 1970 Land Rover Series IIA.

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