Video: We Just Sold Our Electric Smart Car, And We Will Already Miss It!

It was a solid car, if a little quirky

Smart ForTwo Electric Drive

It’s a sad day for the TFL team — Tommy’s just devastated! — because our longish-term Smart ForTwo Electric Drive is off to a new home. In this video, Roman and Tommy hand off “Tweety” to Shinji, it’s new owner as of this past weekend.

So where did his move toward EVs begin, and why did he spring for the electric Smart? He started off his correspondence with us by saying that he bought a Chevy Spark EV for his mom, and they both love it. “It’s really fun and fast. I would say it’s a little more on the practical side [than the Smart] and it’s a little more of a ‘standard car’. But that got me into electric cars in general.” Once they picked up the Spark, Shinji wanted to try out the other EV options out there.

As for what he plans to do with it, he did say that he hopes to make it a daily driver. He also has a Toyota Highlander and a Nissan Hardbody. “I really wanted something a little more small, compact and fun, and I think this is just perfect for that.” For a little bit of size comparison, you can see the electric Smart next to our classic Mini Cooper and my Mazda CX-5. It’s definitely a tiny car, and it will certainly stand out with that bright yellow paint job.

One day, maybe we’ll see this Smart on the drag strip with the Spark EV. Let us know which you think would be faster in the comments below! Of course, we still have the Tesla Model Y and the BMW i3, so we’ll still have plenty of EV videos coming soon.