Surprise! GM Drops 2021 GMC Terrain AT4 At Yukon Reveal Event

All GMC models now have 'AT4' trims for a more rugged choice

The Yukon and Terrain complete GMC’s AT4 off-road lineup across the entire brand. [Photo: GMC]

During a recent event for the 2021 GMC Yukon in Vail, Colorado, the good folks at GM dropped a preview of the the all-new GMC Terrain AT4. Now, the brand’s off-road lineup is complete, and they showed all the AT4 models at this event. From the trucks to the SUVs, there’s now ostensibly a model for every buyer. However, at this point there’s very little we know with certainty about the Terrain AT4. GMC will reveal more details at a later date.

Following the success of the AT4 trim option in Sierra pickup trucks, GMC has opted to make the trim package available throughout their lineup. With the recent addition of the GMC Arcadia and, now the GMC Terrain, the entire GMC lineup now has a more off-road worthy option. 

According to GMC, this Terrain features a rugged exterior, it will have “confident capability and advanced technology.” The 2021 GMC Terrain AT4 will go on sale in Fall 2020. 

What Exactly Is AT4? 

While the Sierra pickup trucks have serious off-road upgrades connected to the AT4 label, the crossovers are not as augmented. For the most part, the AT4 package is more of a special trim for looks over capability. The most notable upgrade my be the more aggressive rubber. 

“AT4 continues GMC’s bold entrance into the premium, off-road and adventure- oriented truck and SUV space,” said Phil Brook, vice president of GMC Marketing. “For each of the AT4 variants, we listened to our customers and made sure the vehicles met their active lifestyle needs.”

Check out this video and let us know what you think. Stay tuned for more GMC news, views and real-world reviews coming to and!