Big vs Little EV — We Compare The Cheapest and Priciest Electric Cars You Can Buy

Do you really need to break the bank to go electric?

Tesla is the most recognized name in the electric car sphere, and for good reason. From the original Roadster, the company has since expanded to build the Model S, Model X and Model 3. Beyond that, even more cars are coming. But at $87,000, our 2019 Tesla Model X is a massively expensive proposition. At the other end of the price spectrum, though, there is a solution. It’s called the Echo 3, and it will cost around $7,000.

Now, this three-wheeled auto rickshaw — known more commonly as a tuk-tuk — is not meant to go on public highways. Instead, it’s meant to be a pure urban runabout, just riding on the surface streets. It has about 35 miles of range in its current configuration, and of course it’s much slower than the Tesla. With TFL’s own Nathan Adlen in the hot seat…well, it’s going to be an interesting ride. To challenge the Echo 3 and its maximum range, we took it from downtown Denver up to Buffalo Bill’s grave, a journey of a little over 20 miles.

Big vs Little EV — We Compare The Cheapest and Priciest Electric Cars You Can Buy

Like a traditional scooter

The company that designed the Echo 3 took it through several iterations before landing on the new model we actually get to test. In the version set to launch, the Echo 3 is much lighter than previous development models, with smaller battery packs. Six 58-amp battery packs are linked together to give this electric tuk-tuk the maximum possible range. The Echo 3’s theoretical range is about 35 miles with the current battery and motor setup. Top speed is governed to 35 mph, due to Colorado state law and to maximize possible range.

As it happens, the Echo 3 is more like a moped or traditional scooter, in that you don’t need a motorcycle endorsement to drive it. And at $6,995, it’s an absolute bargain against the likes of the Tesla. Naturally, the Model X offers much, much more in the way of amenities and speed. But can the Echo 3 prove it’s just as capable by making it to Buffalo Bill’s grave? Check out the video above to find out!

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