What’s Up With The Ford GT? Two Examples Spotted In Denver On Manufacturer Plates

What are you up to, Ford?

Ford GT spotted in Denver

What is Ford up to?

The hugely fast, hugely exotic Ford GT has been around in its current form for a few years now. It still looks the business, and its 647 horsepower twin-turbo V6 still allows Ford’s supercar to match its rivals punch-for-punch, not to mention all the aero at play here. Then there’s the super-rare, 700 horsepower “Mk II” that costs a whopping $1.2 million. It’s a great car, and it’s going to stick around for a little while yet — at least into next year.

Low-volume sports cars like this typically have a one-and-done lifespan, to maintain their exclusivity. That’s what happened with the original Ford GT, barring some tweaked special editions. It’s rare to see this car around Denver or even in this part of the country. So you can imagine our surprise when Hunter Ferrill spotted not one, but two of these GTs downtown, and alerted us to their presence.

Okay, so there are two Ford GTs in downtown Denver. Rare, but it’s always possible. However, what makes these two examples interesting is the fact that they are on manufacturer plates. As much as we’d love the opportunity, we rarely get exotic cars in this part of the country, so that leads us to believe Ford may be doing some testing here.

Ford GT spotted in Denver

Further EcoBoost development?

Both these cars look fairly stock, although the extended pipes on the silver Ford GT piqued my interest. Those pipes are for emissions testing, so I wonder if Ford is further testing and developing that EcoBoost engine. On top of that, these may be test platforms for chassis tuning for the cars leading up to the end of the current GT’s production run.

Ford GT spotted in Denver

Now, these two are just sitting on the street. On that basis, it’s tough to tell exactly why they’re here or what Ford is doing with them. What do you think Ford is up too, since these cars are on manufacturer plates? Will we see another generation of this high-output EcoBoost moving forward, or will there be another Ford GT? Will we see an ultimate, extreme performance version to send out the current model?

Whatever the reason, it always stirs the blood to see one GT on the street, let alone too. Not that I’ll ever be able to afford one, but I’ve seen those who could attracting the inevitable crowds. That’s what makes the Ford GT awesome, and I’ll miss it when Ford is slated to stop production in the next year or so.

Ford GT spotted in Denver

Thanks to Hunter Ferrill for the images.