Good News If You Missed the First Chance for a Ford GT – Ford is Making 350 More

Here's your second chance at Ford's latest supercar

Originally, Ford told the world that they would make precisely 1,000 examples of the second generation Ford GT, ending production in 2020. However, today the company announced it will make 350 more, with production continuing until 2022.

Ford first received 6,500 applications from folks interested in buying the Ford GT back in 2016. Ultimately, only one thousand lucky applicants were able to get their hands on a GT of their own. Production was restricted, but most folks – including us – were confident this wouldn’t be the end of the line.

[Photo: Ford]
It turns out that suspicion was correct. Ford acted on the ever-present demand for the Ford GT and is re-opening the application process. The application page at will be open for 30 days, starting on November 8th, 2018.

How will this affect current owners? With any limited run item, exclusivity means value. When you re-open production and create more supply, the current owners may be a little upset. When they once had a product that was 1 of 1,000, they now have one that is 1 of 1,350. Time will tell whether the 350 additional cars dilute the GT’s value.

We had the chance to compare the new and slightly less new Ford GTs at the Shelby American Collection some months back. Check out that video below: