Nissan Rogue vs Pathfinder Winter Warrior Concept Snowy Drag Race [Video]

nissan rogue vs nissan pathfinder winter warrior concept drag ra

Andre and Nathan have had their differences in the past. Maybe all that travel time together during their Motor Mountain USA trips weren’t good for their bromance and brotherly bonding. Watch to see who gets the last word when they head out to snow country for a snowy drag race with a pair of Nissan Winter Warrior concept vehicles.

Each concept vehicle is decked out in matte black and chrome red paint, equipped with modified suspensions and wheels, plus heavy duty track systems. Instead of snow tires, each Winter Warrior concept has a set of four Dominator Tracks that are 48 inches long, 30 inches high, and 15 inches wide. Thus, transforming the SUVs into giant snowmobiles.

Supplementing the track systems are parts from the Genuine Nissan Accessories catalog. All three vehicles get cargo area protectors, all-season floor mats, roof rail crossbars, rear bumper protectors, and 9-by-9 foot hatch tents.

It’s mano a mano and Nissan Rogue vs. Nissan Pathfinder. Watch Andre and Nathan duel for bragging rights or first call to ride shotgun on the next MMUSA trip in the video.