Prague to Pebble Day 7: The Tatra Arrives “Home” #Prague2Pebble


For the seventh update of the Tatra 603’s road trip across the United States, Nathan and Roman stop in Cedar Rapids, Iowa. Why is this significant? There’s a significant Czech population there, and they have a history museum exploring the country’s storied past. They even have a Tatra 603 on display!

The weather is warm and the car doesn’t like the heat, but the Tatra is still running as the team approaches their homes in Colorado. That’s just one part of the journey of the Tatra 603 as it road trips across both Europe and the United States on its way to the 2014 Pebble Beach Concours d’Elegance and its date with destiny. Will the car make it? It’s made it this far, and we have high hopes. Stay tuned for more updates in the #Prague2Pebble or Bust!

Chad Kirchner

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