Classic 1970 Ford Bronco: Yesterday’s Truck With Today’s Mods [Video]

1970 Ford Bronco
1970 Ford Bronco

The 1970 Ford Bronco is an American classic off-road truck if ever there was one. You can call it an SUV if you want, but nobody did back in 1970. With just two doors and a burly exhaust note, this old Ford will go anywhere, but 44 years of new off-road tech means that it might not be safe by our more modern standards

It had no roll cage and drum brakes on all four corners which was perfectly okay for off-road driving in 1970, but required a few modern mods to make it safe enough for 2014. In another TFLclassics Revealed video, Nathan investigates this old Ford Bronco that’s been given a whole new life thanks to some modern upgrades.

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