LA Auto Show what’s hot & what’s not: What the hell—a 2011 stretched Toyota Sienna Minivan?

Bad idea Toyota long Sienna

Tidbits: It has wooden floors and plush leather chairs that wouldn’t be out of place at your Uncle Harry’s retirement home. Quad tailpipes and a lowered body complete the caterpillar look. AND – It’s a friggin’ stretched minivan dude… what would YOU think!?

It’s one of those things that should be on “Bridezillas” or “Jersey Shore” – but not L.A.

This young reporter stood next to me and said, “Maybe it’s a gag – you know, a joke?” I thought about that for a moment before I remembered that all of the custom cars were in the basement of the Convention Center. THIS minivan is at the Toyota pavilion.

Saints preserve us.

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