Wait, Did Tesla Just Change Prices Again? It’s a New Week, So Of Course It Did

This shift applies to all Tesla cars except the Model 3...at least for the moment

Tesla prices news - Model X shown
(Images: Tesla)

If you’re keeping score at home, I think we’re on the seventh price shift this year.

To say Tesla prices are a constantly moving target to track is a dramatic understatement, but here we are. As of Friday, the EV maker once again changed its prices, this time hiking them up after a long (though not continuous) track record of cuts across the lineup. This shift only impacts the Model S, Model X and Model Y, so the Model 3 has not gotten more expensive. At least, that’s the case for the moment.

Kicking off with its more expensive cars, both the Model X and Model S get a $1,000 increase to their bottom-line pricing. That means the Model X kicks off at $98,490, while the Model S starts $10,000 lower, at $88,490. The Plaid performance version will cost you another $20,000 for the Model S (so $108,490). Oddly, though, the X only demands another $10,000 for the added motor and grunt, so it’s almost a bargain on that basis.

Tesla prices news - Model Y shown

Tesla hiked the Model Y’s price by a more modest $250, to $47,490 if you get the base version.

Stepping up to the Model Y Long Range will set you back $50,490. Finally, at the top of the tree, the Model Y Performance will cost you $54,490. Again, the Model 3 is no more expensive, so you’ll still be able to pick up a base model for $40,240, a Long Range for $47,240 or a Performance for $53,240.

While most Teslas just got more expensive, they’re still significantly cheaper than they were last year, particularly with the Plaid models. Depending on which car you’re looking at, prices are anywhere from 16% to 19% lower than they were in January. Model 3 and Model Y cars are also eligible for a $7,500 tax credit, which will eventually take some pain out of the initial purchase price depending on your income tax liability.

So…should you buy a Tesla now or wait for the prices to possibly drop once again? Honestly, it’s impossible to say. Tesla seems to keep ping-ponging its prices back and forth on some models, so we can’t recommend whether buying now is a good deal, or if you’ll get a better (or worse) hit to your wallet next week.

Check back soon, though — I’m sure I’ll have yet another pricing update for you.