Nissan Goes to the Max-Out with Their Newest EV Sports Car Concept

Nissan's Max-Out concept car can finally be seen in the metal.

Nissan Max-Out

Nissan Max-Out makes good on its name.

In November of 2021, Nissan previewed the Max-Out concept as part of their “Nissan Ambition 2030” presentation. At the time, the car was little more than what the presentation suggested, an ambition rendered by computers. Nissan has once again revisited the concept for their “Nissan Futures” event on sustainability and design.

The reappearance of the concept shows that Nissan may have more in mind for the Max-Out than just renderings. This time around, they built a physical prototype. Nissan has the concept car on display at their Global Headquarters gallery in Yokohama, Japan as part of a month-long event. Though there has been an influx of EV concepts over the past few months, the Max-Out stands out for a few good reasons.

The next Nissan GTR?

First off, it’s a two-seat convertible. That alone sets it apart from most EV cars. An evolved e-4ORCE powertrain would be the most likely means of propulsion. If so we can reasonably expect a fairly powerful AWD system. The CEO at Nismo claims the company is working toward a new sports car for North America and Europe. That could indicate an incoming replacement for the aging GT-R. This could be an indication of what the GT-R’s replacement would be.

However, the Nissan Max-Out appears to be a long way out from production ready. The concept is dripping with radical light signatures and aspirational technology. As always, the mirrors are nowhere to be seen, and the steering wheel appears to be more of a yoke than a wheel. The body itself takes minimalism to a new extreme. Apart from the concept’s crazy headlights and taillights the rest is smooth and understated.

Many of the features displayed are only possible on a concept vehicle. How much of the car we see above will make it to production remains to be seen.