“O-2-O Challenge” Second EV Cannonball Update: Burning the Midnight Coil…See What I Did There?

This is the swag contents that a lucky viewer found on O-2-O Day 2 push through the first half of our journey. Stay tunned, we have many stops coming up for charging, and many of those stops will include a hidden gem like this!! (Images: TFLcar)

Welcome to our O-2-O Day 2, which is our all-electric Orange Country, CA to Orange County, FL video adventure series!

Here’s the O-2-O Day 2 update… lots of stops, not enough coffee bro. Technically, this is the first official day of our journey, which takes us about 2,500 miles. We departed Old Town Orange in Orange County, CA at 10:00 am, and went directly to the interstate, after leaving our viewers a gift. Yep, located at the fountain, in the middle of Old Town Orange – we hid a box of swag for our viewers.

You can keep up with our journey real time if you go to our TicTok channel, or follow us on AllTFL.com. Maybe you can grab some swag too!

We’re hoping to finish this whole trip in less than 48 hours. That’s an easy task for an internal combustion engine, or for someone who’s willing to bend the rules, but not for us. We’re hoping to stay close to the speed limits in each state, while driving efficiency – which requires a great deal of patients. If we go too fast, we burn too much energy, which means longer charge times. If we go too slow, we will not make our deadline of 48 hours.

As of this writing, Cole (our videographer/producer) is alive and well.

In my opinion, out Hyundai Ioniq5 EV is happiest running between 60 and 70 mph. At that speed, we are averaging 2.9 kWh per mile. That’s with three grown men, video gear and luggage. Not too shabby considering many of the highways take us up to 75 mph. Also, with its 800v charging architecture. we charge like a boss. Most stops have averaged less than 20 minutes.

As of this writing, we are closing in on Houston, TX – which is almost exactly the half-way point for us. So far, all of the Electrify America chargers worked, but there were a few that charged at slower rates than we would’ve liked. Still the consistency has vastly improved in performance, and availability.

Now that the first 24 hours/half of the journey is ending, the excitement has turned to endurance. This is a marathon, and we are starting to find our rhythm. I hope.