The 2024 Lucid Gravity Brings the EV Brand into the SUV Game: Here Are the Details

Lucid made some claims about what its flagship SUV is going to be

  • Lucid kicked things off with the Air sedan, but now it’s jumping into the competitive SUV space with a new flagship, the Gravity.
  • The EV automaker says its next car will bring “supercar levels of performance” with a range exceeding that of every EV except the Air.
  • Order books for the Lucid Gravity will open early next year, with the first deliveries set for 2024.

This is the announcement many folks have been waiting for.

It’s funny — a couple of us here in the TFL office were just having a discussion about Lucid’s decision to launch with the Air sedan, rather than an SUV. “Sedans are dead!”, we’ve been exclaiming over the past several years. Now, it turns out the automaker was already on top of it, as they shed some light on their next car, the Gravity, and (shocker!) of course it’s an SUV.

Lucid Gravity teaser - featured

From first glance, the family resemblance is immediately apparent. This time around though, the altogether larger Lucid Gravity aims to appeal to a wider audience with up to seven seats. Lucid says it will be a “true next-generation luxury SUV”, though technical details on what exactly that means are light on the ground at this point. A few curious elements the company did mention are the large Glass Canopy roof, the “clamshell” rear opening for easier loading and, inside, a new version of Lucid’s “Glass Cockpit” high-resolution displays. You even get lounge-like seating in what appears to be the six-passenger configuration.

The Lucid Gravity will expand the range while retaining the brand’s “core DNA of luxury, spaciousness, performance and efficiency,” according to the company’s Tuesday announcement. It will likely use the same 670-horsepower electric motors as the Lucid Air, as well as a 112.0-kWh battery pack. The Gravity will also manage more than 1,000 horsepower with a dual-motor setup to achieve the blistering performance they claim here.

At this point, any of the actual numbers are based on what we know about Lucid’s signature sedan. Among the few actual numbers the company shared were GPS coordinates in San Bernardino County, California, as well as the Gravity’s on-sale date.

Lucid will open the order books in early 2023. From there, it will build the Gravity in Casa Grande, Arizona alongside the Air, while the company is targeting its first deliveries for 2024.