The Polestar 5 Prototype is Coming to Goodwood

Swedish electric performance make Polestar announced today a debut for its prototype Polestar 5, a four-door grand tourer, at Britain’s Goodwood Festival of Speed on June 23. The brand will also show off the BST edition 270 of the Polestar 2 and a concept of its electric roadster, likely the O2 that was teased earlier this year.

The 5 will be on display in First Glance Paddock and will drive up the hill several times during the Festival. A behind-the-scenes video from the brand shows how the interior has been designed.

What’s going to ship?

Polestar currently sells its halo hybrid sedan the Polestar 1 and pure EV mass-market Polestar 2. Like Tesla, the brand sells cars directly online and through showrooms in lieu of a dealer network. However, given the shared heritage with sister-company Volvo, Polestar vehicles can be serviced at certain Volvo shops.

An SUV — the Polestar 3 — will debut October 3. Up next in 2023 will be the smaller Polestar 4 crossover, followed by the aforementioned Polestar 5 sports GT in 2024. We first saw the Polestar 5 in the form of the Precept, an intriguing and attractive concept from 2020. While it’s hard to pinpoint exact design details from today’s press image, it looks like the current prototype still has real mirrors. The 2020 Precept concept put autonomy and technology first with slim, aero cameras instead of mirrors and a conspicuous LiDAR unit on the roof.

When the Polestar 5 does get into production, we can’t wait to see how it performs against other fast four-door electric sedans. Our neighbors across the pond will have to fill us in on what they see at next week’s festival.