Nissan NV200 Small Van Replacement Caught Testing – Is It An EV?

2023 nissan nv prototype
These images of a Nissan NV200 testing, were sent in by David.H. It may be an oversea-market-only tester, but you never know.

Caught testing in Colorado Springs, CO – a fan caught what appears to be the next Nissan NV200, or what could be its replacement.

The upcoming Nissan NV200, which is called the Nissan TownStar in other markets, may be making a return to the United States, with an all-new vehicle. One of our fans caught a test mule rolling around the city of Colorado Springs, and it’s pretty obvious that it’s a Nissan product.

Originally, the Nissan NV200 was one of least expensive light duty small vans that you could buy in the United States. Going up against the Ram ProMaster City and Ford Transit Connect (among others) it was the only van in its segment to offer a continuously variable transmission (CVT). While we’re not fans of the transmission, the NV200 was inexpensive to own, cheap to run and very utilitarian.

2023 nissan nv prototype rear

It’s big brother, the Nissan NV, was discontinued last year, as was the NV200. This was to make way for Nissan’s “New Strategy.” You can read about that (here). In other markets the NV200 was quite popular. There was an all-electric variant that had the same drive system as the Nissan Leaf. I drove an example many years ago, and it was remarkably compliant. Oddly, it never made it into our market as an EV.

I think it would have been groundbreaking on these shores.

It’s hard to be sure looking at this photo, but it looks like a tailpipe sticking out of the rear. As such, it may not be an EV testing. Nissan, who’s never been big with hybrids or PHEVs is working on that tech now. In fact, they are revealing an all-new Nissan Juke hybrid overseas – right now. With all of these powertrain choices, it’s anyone’s guess as to what variant of the Nissan NV200 is coming here. If any.