The Polestar Precept Concept Hints At The Brand’s Future, Including An Android Operating System

Sharp styling and updated tech are front in center with Polestar's latest concept

[Photos: Volvo]

Volvo’s spinoff electric performance brand continues to push forward after launching the Polestar 1 and with the Polestar 2 set to make its way to customers soon. The Polestar Precept is a concept car designed to exemplify the brand’s overall direction.  As a result, the precept is loaded with tech for the new age of electric cars.

Topping the list of new tech is a LIDAR pod that sits at the top of the car itself. A number of additional sensors will assist this unit to give the electric gran tourer autonomous driving capabilities and safety features.

Standard concept car camera units replace the traditional mirrors, even though they have yet to be approved for road use in the United States in the years since automakers began showing them off.

The rear view mirror has been similarly swapped for a screen and a rear camera. Because of this, there is no traditional rear window. Polestar used the lack of a rear window to size up the opening into the Precept’s trunk.

The Precept’s interior further supports the electric car mission using more sustainable flax-based composites which contribute towards a claimed “50% saving in weight and up to 80% reduction of plastic waste.”

Some of the materials include seat upholstery made from recycled bottles, and carpets fashioned out of reclaimed fishing nets.

At the center of the interior sits a 15-inch touchscreen which Polestar calls its HMI, or Human Machine Interface. For this concept, Polestar built the infotainment software on Google’s Android operating system, allowing third-party developers a way to create apps the end user can install to their cars. The driver also gets a 12.5-inch digital instrument cluster.

These screens will also be linked to a number of sensors, including one which which changes the information displayed on the screens depending on where the driver is looking.

The Precept also features a Polestar logo which “floats holographically inside a solid piece of Swedish crystal between the rear seat headrests.”

Polestar will display the Precept at Geneva from the 5th to the 15th of March.