Hyundai Seven Concept Foreshadows Next Ioniq EV Crossover, Promises 300+ Mile Range: News

There's some pretty cool stuff here, although it *is* just a concept

Hyundai Seven Concept
After a few teasers, it’s finally arrived at the LA Auto Show: Meet the Hyundai Seven Concept. (Images: Hyundai)

Will the Hyundai Seven Concept morph into the next-gen Ioniq 7 SUV?

Naturally, the “concept” part of the name foreshadows some major changes before production. Nevertheless, the Hyundai Seven Concept is our first proper look at where the brand’s going with its larger three-row crossover to follow up the Ioniq 5. On the styling front, Hyundai’s continuing the pixelated light design, leading into a shape that Hyundai says breaks from traditional internal combustion SUVs — and that sentiment definitely continues with the interior.

Few technical pieces arrived with the Hyundai Seven Concept to LA, but there are a few interesting pieces worth noting. One is “Active Air Flaps”, which are integrated into the wheels to either allow better brake cooling or reduce aerodynamic drag. Hyundai says the production model this concept inevitably spawns will manage at least 300 miles on a charge. Like other Ioniq vehicles, the concept rides on the automaker’s E-GMP electric platform, though this time with a long 126-inch (3.2-meter) wheelbase.

As for charging capability, Hyundai claims the Seven Concept can charge up from 10% to 80% in 20 minutes using a 350 kW charger. At this point, though, the company said nothing of electric motor output or battery capacity — we’ll have to wait for a production model to emerge for those specs.

The concept is eco-friendly and hygienic

Lounge concepts are all the rage with these new EV concepts, and the Hyundai Seven Concept is no exception. Words like “bio-paint”, “hygienically-recycled” and renewable materials are prevalent regarding the car’s interior design. Hyundai also touts the use of hygienically-treated fabric and copper throughout to naturally repel bacteria, in a nod to the times. If that’s not enough, the concept also has a “Hygiene Airflow System” and sterilization through UV-C lights in the control stick — your eyes aren’t deceiving you, there is no steering wheel — first-row storage drawers and speakers that pop out when the car’s unoccupied.

Taking the lounge seating one step further, you’ll notice the chaise-style setup in the rear, offering up a bit more space to the two chairs that can move and swivel about. The Hyundai Seven Concept even has a panoramic OLED screen to display content and a “Smart Hub” graphical user interface. If you’re thinking “home theater” with all this information, I don’t blame you — the car’s packing a mini-fridge and even “shoe-care compartments” too.

You may think the Hyundai Seven Concept to be a flight of fancy, and again I don’t blame you. Odds are we’ll see something that’s way dialed back for the Ioniq 7 crossover launch. Although, as autonomous driving technology advances and humans are no longer compelled to drive their cars, this sort of showcase may not be too farfetched.

If you want to check it out, the concept will be on display at the LA Auto Show alongside the Ioniq 5 and Hyundai’s Xcient Fuel Cell truck between November 19 and 28.