Shopping A Tesla Model Y Or Model 3? Both Just Got More Expensive (Again)

Prices have been creeping up over the past few months

Tesla Model Y

Tesla increased the price of the Model Y and Model 3 Friday.

If you’re in the market for a Tesla Model 3 or Model Y, be aware that the prices have increased for both cars once again. This follows another bump from a couple weeks ago, wherein the company raised the purchase price by $500. Now, the least expensive versions of each car are going up by $500 again, as the automaker’s site reflected on Friday.

Before this hike, both cars saw two similar increases in April.

Starting with the cheapest Tesla you can buy — the Model 3 Standard Range Plus — the company is now asking $39,990 to start. The all-wheel drive Model 3 Long Range, for its part, goes up to $48,990. The Model Y sees a similar jump for its base Long Range trim, which now starts at $51,990.

Against the more expensive models, $500 may not be a particularly jarring change. However, the Model 3 Standard Range Plus is right up against the $40,000 mark, and the company’s cars are no longer eligible for the $7,500 federal EV tax credit. Despite the lack of government incentives — some state and local governments do still offer credits to Tesla buyers — the automaker did still pick up its sales in the first quarter of 2021. So far, they’ve delivered 182,780 Model 3s and Model Ys thanks to ramped up production and robust demand.