News: Jaguar Will Build ‘Brand New’, Limited-Run C-Type To Celebrate 1953 Le Mans Victory

Act fast, you'll only be able to buy one of eight

News: Jaguar Will Build 'Brand New', Limited-Run C-Type To Celebrate 1953 Le Mans Victory
Seriously, who wouldn’t want to feel like Sir Stirling Moss or Duncan Hamilton for a bit? (Photos: Jaguar)

It’s not a restomod – this is the real deal.

Welcome to the “Continuation”, as Jaguar calls it. This Jaguar C-Type is a brand new throwback to the Le Mans-winning 1953 racer. In 2021, the company’s classic car works will build accurate replicas for a few lucky customers.

For your money, you’ll get a lightweight two-seater sports car. This is the 1950s we’re talking about, so forget about any modern amenities you may get from some restomods. This is a period-specific model, complete with a 220 horsepower 3.4-liter straight-six engine. With three Weber 40DCO3 carburetors and disc brakes, this Jaguar should still be a remarkably fun track machine to toss around. Jaguar does mention an FIA-approved harness system as an option. What’s more, the cars will be eligible for historic racing and closed-course use.

News: Jaguar Will Build 'Brand New', Limited-Run C-Type To Celebrate 1953 Le Mans Victory

“Driven by some of the most admired racing drivers in history, the C-Type laid the foundations for Jaguar’s success in endurance racing and is synonymous with design and engineering innovation,” Jaguar Classic director Dan Pink said. “Seventy years on, Jaguar Classic is proud to be able to utilize the latest innovations in manufacturing technology – alongside traditional skills and unrivaled expertise – to reintroduce this legendary car for a new generation of enthusiasts to enjoy.”

Don’t think you’ll just be able to go out and buy one of these, though. Even if you are a classic car enthusiast, Jaguar isn’t planning anywhere close to a volume production run. In fact, only eight examples will roll off the assembly line in 2022. That dwarfs even the 1953 car, which managed to sell 43 units to private buyers. In total, Jaguar built 53 original examples.

Still, you can dream thanks to the live configurator site. There’s no pricing available (if you have to ask and all that), but you get to check out all the excellent colors the Jaguar C-Type wears as it brings a bit of the 50’s into the 21st century. And yes, you can spec it in British Racing Green. And if the classic doesn’t suit you, at least there’s the thoroughly modern F-Type, right?