Ask Nathan: Next Generation Nissan Armada, Used Acura RDX vs. Honda CR-V and India?

When will the next Nissan Armada arrive?

This could be what the next generation Nissan Armada looks like. These images are of the 2020 Nissan Patrol, which is sold overseas., but the Patrol and Armada are very similar.
(Images: Nissan)

In this week’s Ask Nathan:

  • What’s up with the next generation Nissan Armada? 
  • Used Acura RDX vs. Honda CR-V? 
  • Will TFL Studios visit India?

The first question comes from a Nissan owner who wants to know about the next generation Nissan Armada.

Q:  Hello Nathan and crew. Can you give me your impressions on the next generation Nissan Armada?

I love that Nathan has almost the same Nissan Pathfinder that I do. Mine is a 2009 LE with 220,000 miles and it runs super. I bought it in 2011 with less than 20,000 miles and it was in a minor fender bender. After about a $500 investment, it’s been the best car I’ve owned.

My daughter and her little girls just moved back home with us and it looks like I will be revising my role as a parent. That means transportation duty for five or six. I know my Pathfinder is up to the task occasionally, but not all the time.

That also means a heavier load to pull when we camp. I currently have a Keystone that weighs about 6,000 pounds. That pretty much maxes out the Pathfinder when my wife and I camp. We camp every season, at least six or seven times a year before COVID-19. With more kids, more weight and more luggage I need something bigger.

We suspect the next generation Nissan Armada will have a mix of the new Nissan Patrol’s interior (pictured) and a bit of the brand-new Nissan Titan as well.

This brings me to my question. I was thinking about the next generation Nissan Armada. Rather than get a CVT wagon, it looks like the Armada is still conventional and truck based. I know you guys know trucks and I bet you have a good idea what the 2021 or 2022 Nissan Armada will be like.

Please let me know if you have an inkling as to what Nissan will do with the Armada in the near future.

Love watching all of your videos and have been a viewer since 2014!

If you use this you can call me Teddy.

A: Hi Teddy! Thanks for the email and your patronage!

Yes, I am still very happy with my old Nissan Pathfinder. Under the circumstances, I get why you need to upgrade. The Nissan Armada is extremely underrated in this category and I wholeheartedly endorse it.

As for the next generation Nissan Armada? I think it will be more of a technical update over an all-new vehicle. Like its overseas brother, the Nissan Patrol, it should get some mechanical upgrades.

The Patrol and the new Nissan Titan have a more efficient, smoother nine-speed automatic transmission. It’s only logical that Nissan replaces the so-so seven speed with this more advance transmission.

I expect the engine and output levels to remain the same for now.

Interior and exterior updates are expected, but nothing too dramatic. It may look a bit like the Patrol, which has a new nose and tail design. A higher-tech interior is a good probability too. Considering the advances Nissan has made with the Titan, it only makes sense that they share.

As for the future past that? It’s hard to say how long massive truck-based SUVs with big V8s will be out there. I would imagine it will be for a while.

Thanks again for the email!

— N

The next question came from a Twitter (@nathanadlen) question regarding the purchase of a 2016 Acura RDX vs. 2017 Honda CR-V.

Image: Honda

Q: Car buying question for you!

Crazy thing! Just cross shopped a ’17 Honda CR-V with a ’16 Acura RDX and they are almost the same price! Both have under 30K miles. And they both cost about $26,000. Am I missing something? Which one would you get dude?

— EuropaD80

2016 Acura RDX
(Image: TFLcar)

A: Howdy!

That’s a great question. Despite Acura not having a great resale value like Honda, the Acura would be my choice – no question about it. Keep in mind: that’s because I like to have a bit of fun when I drive. The Acura is downright sporty compared with the Honda CR-V.

The 274 horsepower V6 in the Acura is a lot more fun than the 190 hp I4 in the Honda.

With that being said, if you’re looking for a more cavernous, utilitarian commuter – with no frills (by comparison) – the CR-V is an excellent choice. There is a good reason it’s one of the best sellers in its class. It also has more usable cargo space and a fairly gentle ride.

Still, the look, tech and (especially) the performance of the RDX makes it one of my favorites in the segment. Seriously, Acura’s are used car bargains compared to Lexus and even Infiniti.

I hope that helps!

— N

The last question comes from a fan who wants to know if TFL Studios will visit India, when it’s safe to do so.

This is the Force Gurkha – made in India.

Q: Enjoyed your Mahindra video Nathan!

I am a student at the India Institute of Medical Sciences in New Delhi. My late evenings are filled with Top Gear, Grand Tour and TFL Studios’ newest! It is a fun night when I can be entertained by your videos.

I also read your (Force) Gurkha post on the website. It is a delight to see westerners interested and open minded about our products. No wonder then, you have captured a bit of an international audience. Many of us dream of the mighty Colorado Rockies and driving awesome off road vehicles like the TFL team!

I wonder sir, have you ever thought about visiting us in India? After following you and the team for many years, I know that most of you are well traveled. I know you lived overseas and traveled quite a bit. But have you been to Asia? Specifically India?

— Pradeep P

A: Thank you so much for reaching out Pradeep!

I always wanted to go to India and I have a very good friend who lives in Mumbai. Sadly, I have yet to go, but I will some day soon. I am very interested in the automotive industry there.

Roman visited India a few years ago with Tommy and they had a great time Over the years, I’ve learned about the staggering amount of gear-heads (“petrol-heads”) India has. You have an amazing automotive culture!

— N

Here’s a great video from another country, filled with gear-heads that I would love to visit.