230,000 People Supposedly Reserved A 2021 Ford Bronco In July Alone, According To A New Report

If you reserve a Bronco now, you may be in for a long wait

About 230,000 People Have Supposedly Reserved A 2021 Ford Bronco In July: Report

From the First Edition selling out almost immediately to occasional website issues and general hype, it’s clear the 2021 Ford Bronco has been hot these past several weeks. Now, though, Ford has allegedly received some 230,000 reservations for the new SUV.

That’s according to a Bronco6G forum post, on which members actually track their respective reservations. Their tracking list, in itself, keeps tabs on about 2,500 Bronco reservations. However, forum admins claim the figure closing in on a quarter-million “comes by way of one of our reliable sources.” It also does not include reservations for the smaller Bronco Sport. That figure has undoubtedly increased since then, if it’s accurate, but the post also concedes that figure may be up-to-date “as of a few days ago.”

Of course, the news comes after earlier reports emerged from dealers as to the Bronco’s popularity. According to those sources, as mentioned by Car and Driver, some latecomers may have to wait until 2022 to get their own Bronco. Ford itself admitted through its reservations site that demand is so great, deliveries wouldn’t start until June 2021.

About 230,000 People Have Supposedly Reserved A 2021 Ford Bronco In July: Report

How will actual sales figures stack up?

Those among you crying foul at the fact that this 230,000 reservations figure doesn’t mean Ford actually sold that many Broncos, you’re absolutely right. Bear in mind anyone can reserve a 2021 Ford Bronco right now with a $100 deposit. Much the same as the Tesla Cybertruck, the reservations figure may not reflect actual sales figures as dedicated buyers complete the order process with their local dealer. What’s more, nothing could stop some owners who grow tired of waiting from canceling their orders in a few months’ time.

According to the information we currently have, the earliest we’ll be able to see official sales figures would be October 1, 2021. If Ford holds to a June delivery schedule, then we may get some preliminary figures in July 2021. Until then, unless Ford directly shares its reservation numbers, it’s still best to take this figure with a grain of salt. It is a sign of the Bronco’s early popularity, though, and a clear notice that the Jeep Wrangler will soon have a major sales fight on its hands.