Cadillac Teases All-Electric Lyriq Crossover Ahead Of August 6 Reveal

The brand's first electric crossover is right around the corner

Cadillac Teases All-Electric Lyriq Crossover Ahead Of August 6 Reveal
Not terribly informative…but Cadillac is teasing up to its Lyriq crossover unveiling next week. [Photo: Cadillac]

It’s been nearly two years in the making, but Cadillac is readying itself to pull the covers off its Lyriq electric crossover next week. On August 6, we’ll have more than just these teaser images to go on, as well as the concept that emerged back in 2019.

By moving into the all-electric sphere, GM is positioning Cadillac to fight a widening set of rivals. The Tesla Model Y is the most obvious target, but others like the Jaguar I-Pace, Audi e-tron, Ford Mustang Mach-E and the Mercedes-Benz EQC (when it arrives in the U.S. in 2021) are also vying for a piece of the action.

Cadillac Teases All-Electric Lyriq Crossover Ahead Of August 6 Reveal

This shot of the Cadillac Lyriq should above is the clearest shot yet, even though it doesn’t show much. The charging port is positioned under the driver’s side fender, while the hole unit shifts toward the front of the car when needed. It appears to be a solution to hide the charging port without a line-interrupting charging door in the way. Beyond that, the Cadillac Lyriq also looks to have textured black inserts for its aluminum alloy wheels to improve aerodynamics.

The Cadillac Lyriq looks to have a coupe-like design, judging by the dark teaser photo above. Even by its silhouette, it looks nothing like any current crossover coming out of GM. As for whether that’s a good sign, we’ll have to see on August 6 at 7 P.M. ET.

Cadillac LYRIQ celebrates a new design language for the Cadillac brand, one that is assertive, expressive and modern.

No information is currently available on the Lyriq’s drivetrain yet. However, GM did announce a new battery technology earlier this year. Their new “Ultium” battery pack will undoubtedly underpin Cadillac’s first electric crossover. The platform’s capacity is scalable between 50 and 200 kW, though the smaller versions are likely to go in GM’s entry-level electric vehicle. The Cadillac Lyriq will likely see something between 75 and 100 kW, to compete directly with Tesla, among all the others.

Although we’ll soon see the Cadillac Lyric, it’s likely going to take awhile before we actually encounter the electric crossover on the road. Right now, it seems the Lyriq will go on sale as a 2022 model, though GM won’t likely announce official details on that until next year. Stay tuned for more updates!