Tesla Will Build Its Next Factory In Austin, Texas To Produce The Model Y, Cybertruck: Report

CEO Elon Musk aims to complete this project on an 'extremely fast' schedule

Tesla’s “gigafactories” are naturally impressive, but the automaker may kick things up a notch with the newest facility. [Images: Tesla]

After CEO Elon Musk floated the midwest as the site for Tesla’s next factory, and now the search is finally over, according to a recent Electrek report. According to sources familiar with the matter, Tesla will build its next “terafactory” near Austin, Texas.

As for how quickly the new site will go up, Musk reportedly said he wants to move “extremely fast”. That’s hardly surprising, given the massive popular demand surrounding both the Model Y crossover and the Cybertruck. Tesla will produce both vehicles at the new plant, with the aim to begin construction on the terafactory as quickly as possible. From there, it may begin rolling out Model Ys by the end of this year.

The new Tesla Model Y
According to reports, Tesla plans to roll the Model Y off this new plant’s assembly line first.

According to Electrek, Tesla has a few options on where to build the new factory, so it has not settled on an exact location yet. However, once it does Musk aims to complete the build-out on an accelerated timeline, even faster than it completed the Shanghai gigafactory. That plant went up in little more than a year.

Not related to what happened at Tesla’s California plant

Recently, Musk took to Twitter arguing he may move Tesla’s operations in California out of the state, after friction with the local government over stay-at-home orders led him to reopen the Fremont plant and threaten to leave depending on how officials “treated” Tesla. This project is not directly related to that announcement, and government officials capitulated to Tesla’s stance earlier this week and allowed the plant to reopen under certain health guidelines.

While the Tesla Model Y is already in production, the Austin terafactory may move up the timeframe in which Tesla is able to launch the Cybertruck. Currently, the goal is to produce the first customer-bound models in 2021, with deliveries set to take place before the end of next year.