The 2020 Hyundai Venue Is Not What You Think: Here’s What This Tiny Crossover Is All About

It's not a Kia Soul, and it has unique features.

The all-new Venue is a very important vehicle for Hyundai. As sedans and coupes decrease in popularity – hatchbacks, crossovers, and SUVs become ever more important. Enter the smallest entry-level crossover in Hyundai lineup – the 2020 Venue.

The details

It’s based on the sub-compact Hyundai Accent platform. It’s about five inches shorter than the Hyundai Kona. It’s a front-wheel-drive tall hatchback with enough personality to capture your eye. Hyundai says the Venue is meant to attract a young urban buyer who is just starting out, or somebody who wants a crossover but thinks they cannot afford a brand new car.

The Venue is powered by a 1.6-liter gas engine with 122 hp and 113 lb-ft of torque. There is a choice of two transmissions: a 6-speed manual or an IVT (Intelligent Variable Transmission, aka. CVT). We did not get a chance to drive either one of these transmissions at the event in Queensland, Australia. That’s because the cars we drove were equipped with a 6-speed automatic, a transmission available in Australia – but not meant for the U.S.

No matter. It’s clear that the Venue will not be a quickly accelerating car. That’s not what it’s about. However, it’s actually a little bunch of fun on a twisty road. This is in large part thanks to the Venue’s relatively light curb weight that starts at just under 2,300 lbs. The steering is a bit light, but throw this little hatchback into a corner at speed, and it will happily oblige.

The Venue offers a considerable amount of interior space. It’s just a little less than what the Kona offers. The Venue has 18.7 cu-ft of cargo space behind the second row, and 31.9 cu-ft with the rear seats folded down.

The Venue’s EPA fuel economy ratings are not available yet, but Hyundai estimates 32 MPG combined. Pricing will be very important for a car like this. The Kona starts at $18,740, and the Kia Soul starts at $17,490. The Venue is likely to start near the Kia Soul pricing (perhaps less), but official pricing is not available at the time of this writing.

The 2020 Hyundai Venue goes on sale at the very end of 2019. As we learn more about its EPA rating and pricing, we will publish the news ASAP.

A complete first drive review is coming soon, but here is a detailed walk-around of Hyundai’s newest little hatch.