Even Under Threat of Frostbite, Cars and Coffee is a Great Experience [Video]

Local cars and coffee events are one of those great opportunities to see fantastic cars, even when the mercury dips below freezing.

One of the greatest things about local Cars and Coffee events is the sheer diversity of what turns up. It’s an opportunity for car enthusiasts from all walks of life to show off their treasured projects to the rest of the community. Even with sub-freezing temperatures, the turnout at our local Cars and Coffee here in Lafayette, Colorado was remarkable. Even cooler than that, however, were the cars themselves. From subcompacts to supercars, burly trucks to low-slung sports cars, these events have it all. Today, we braved the frigid temperatures – apparently Mother Nature forgot it’s April – to check out what came out of the woodwork. We weren’t disappointed.

As we arrived at the show, we were immediately greeted by the baritone V8 rumble of muscle cars, as well as the brapping of highly-tuned Boxer engines and rotaries. Then there are the classics and hand-built projects that really captured the imagination. We have two of those for you in today’s TFLnow video – a weathered but resilient 1972 FJ40 Toyota Land Cruiser and an older Ford Focus with the biggest wing you’ve ever seen. Check out the video now!

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