Into The Wild in a Jeep Wrangler: In search of Chris McCandless’s Alaskan Magic Bus

Chris McCandless's Alaskan Magic Prop Bus
Chris McCandless’s Alaskan Magic Prop Bus

If you have watched the movie or read the Jon Krakauer book ‘Into The Wild’ you’ll know all about Christopher Johnson McCandless’s Alaskan Magic Bus. If not, the story of Christopher Johnson McCandless is a true tale that touches the heart and resonates with many young and old Americans. It is the story of a young man who gave up his car, his family, his friends and his money to go and live in the wilds of Alaska.

In the process he learned that nature can be a gruel mistress and that Alaska is indeed the last frontier. Unfortunately in the end he also gave up his life in a 1946 Fairbanks transit system bus.

In this TFLcar video, join Roman and his son Tommy as they retrace Christopher Johnson McCandless journey down the Stampede Trail into the wild in search of the Magic Bus in a Jeep Wrangler. The bus is located about 25 miles from Healy, Alaska and it served as both the salvation and doom for Chris McCandless.

Chris found what he was looking for when he discovered the bus, but he also found that living only with what nature can provide is dangerous and deadly. In fact, even getting to the bus is anything but easy. Why?  Because the Stampede Trail is a challenging wet and muddy trek for even a Jeep Wrangler Rubicon as you’ll discover when we go into the wild in search of Chris McCandless’s Alaskan Magic Bus.