Motor Mountain USA: Upcoming Schedule and FAQ

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Motor Mountain USA: four down, forty six to go.

The Motor Mountain USA(#MMSUA or #MotorMountainUSA) is the latest epic adventure from TFLcar. You may have followed the international Prague to Pebble saga. Motor Mountain USA takes the epic road trip to a whole new level. TFLcar teamed up with the Jeep Corporation and Turtle Wax for an adventure that will touch all 50 states and reach highest drivable elevations via public roads.

We are talking about driving nearly 30,000 miles across the great nation! We will reach Alaska and Hawaii. The adventure will be split up into several sections and will take many months to complete.

The next leg of the trip takes us to Utah, Wyoming, and Montana. We will be in Utah on May 26th/27th, Wyoming and Montana on May 27th/28th.

Also, we have received many questions from you about this adventure. Below is the Motor Mountain FAQ.

When will you be in my state?

We are working hard on the upcoming schedule for the Motor Mountain USA. Here is the place for the upcoming schedule.

What are the trailer details?

We are using the Jeep Off-Road Camper Trailer Extreme Trail Edition by Mopar.  This trailer weighs 1,050 lbs. The height is 52 inches and width is 88 inches. It has 15 inches of ground clearance.

Why choose Jeep Wrangler for this trip?

Motor Mountain USA is all about showing of the United States and Americana. And the Jeep Wrangler is the iconic American vehicle that is also capable off-road. It’s a perfect match!

Will you do a detailed review of the Jeep Wrangler?


Will you do this again in other countries?

If you have not noticed, we love road trips and adventures. Yes, we will consider doing more trips in other countries.

Why do you need sponsorship?

Driving around 30,000 miles in about one year and producing at least 52 episodes takes a lot of resources. TFL is a small company, and this trip would not be possible without sponsors.

Was this your idea or Jeep’s?

This was TFL’s idea that we pitched to Jeep and other automakers.

Are you Soliciting new sponsors?

Yes. Send a message to if you are interested in sponsoring. You can also support us via Patreon.

How long are you away from your families?

We do not like to be away from our families. We split the trip into chunks of about a week each. The trips are sometimes less than a week, and sometimes they will be more than a week long.

Check out the Nebraska episode of the Motor Mountain USA. The belt buckle has not yet been claimed. This is your chance to get it.