TFLcar’s Top Five New Cars for James Bond [Video]

Would James Bond be caught driving a classic Toyota 2000GT?
Would James Bond be caught driving a classic Toyota 2000GT?

In the upcoming movie “Spectre,” James Bond will be driving an Aston Martin DB10, warding off high-tech Jaguars and Land Rovers.  We also suggested that Bond should retire with an Aston Martin Rapide S.  What of the time in between, though?  What are the top five new cars James Bond could drive between now and then?

Check out this fun TFLcar video, and find out which cars Roman and Nathan have picked for Mr. Bond to drive next:

Could Bond be seen in a classic Toyota 2000GT coupe?  Or perhaps the shapely and exotic Toyota FT-1?  The 2017 Ford GT supercar would make a most excellent choice as well, but would its EcoBoost V6 and blue-oval badge offer enough exclusivity?

He could always take the incognito route and grab a stealth Shelby GT350, but then again, its raucous flat-plane-crank V8 might draw too much unwanted attention.

Perhaps James Bond should just stick with a good-old Aston Martin, namely the V-12 Vantage S.  We’ve tested that one too, and came to the conclusion that it was a most excellent conveyance for weekend cruising or canyon carving.  Plus, its mellifluous exhaust note is beyond comprehension.  How they shoehorned that massive V-12 in the Vantage platform is still beyond us, however.