2014 Lexus LX 570: One Capable Luxury SUV [Review]

2014 Lexus LX 570 Front Quarter

The 2014 Lexus LX 570 might be a luxury SUV, but it’s also got plenty of capability to take you off-road and to tow whatever you need to wherever you choose.

STATS Starting Retail Price As Tested Price HP / Lb-Ft
2014 Lexus LX 570 $81,780 $84,590 383/403
EPA Rating MPG As Tested MPG
Rating: BUY IT! 12 / 17 Combined 14 15.9 Combined

This is a big body-on-frame SUV that is nothing short of imposing to all other comers. It hasn’t changed a lot since last year’s major update which included the addition of the spindle grille found across the Lexus line. Here it has a commanding position that is likely to encourage others to get out of the way. This is a full-size SUV and it makes no apologies.

2014 Lexus LX 570 Profile

Inside, the design is functional yet notably luxurious. Knobs and dials are all large, almost utilitarian, as a nod to the capability of the 2014 Lexus LX 570. Surrounding those big dials are more refined accents that remind you that it is a luxury SUV. Matte metallic trims, sumptuous leather seats and high-gloss wood is found throughout and is particularly attention getting on the steering wheel and dash.

There is enough seating for seven passengers, but just how comfortable they’ll be depends very much on where they choose to sit. Available heated and cooled front seats are supportive and comfortable with plenty of adjustability and support for the driver. Even on a long road trip these seats were still comfortable.

2014 Lexus LX 570 Second Row

The second row, also available heated, has plenty of room for three adults and slides 3.5″ on a track to give you either more legroom or alternately more cargo room in back. The seats are a bit flat but still comfortable. The third row features seats that fold up onto the sides of the vehicle offering a nice continuous floor for cargo, but they take up a lot of side-to-side space. They’re also difficult to access and are best reserved for the kids.

2014 Lexus LX 570 Cargo

Safety features abound with safety connect with automatic collision notification, emergency assistance button, stolen vehicle location, and enhanced roadside assistance with a 1-year trial subscription. There are rain-sensing wipers, illuminated running boards, navigation with voice command, Lexus premium surround sound audio, Lexus Enform with destination assist, and SiriusXM all standard.

Driving the 2014 Lexus LX 570 it’s clear that this vehicle is trying to straddle two very different worlds. All its luxury and comfort makes it feel very road worthy, something you’d like to take a long trip in packed full to the brim with kids and cargo. Although passengers are likely to maintain that opinion, the driver might feel differently. If you’re looking for luxury and comfort over off-road capability, consider the Cadillac Escalade.

2014 Lexus LX 570 Dash

The 2014 Lexus LX 570 is powered by a 5.7L V8 with 383 horsepower and 403 lb-ft of torque that moves its 6,000 lb bulk capably, but never lets you forget that you’re driving something big. Shifting is smooth and there’s never a sense that the engine is taxed or straining to deliver the power you need whether you’re driving in city traffic or at highway speeds.

2014 Lexus LX 570 Front

The challenge lies in the vehicle’s maneuverability which is lacking on tighter city streets. Body motion and roll are also noticeable, especially hitting any kind of rougher highway road surface with slow steering response making recovery from nasty potholes challenging. The ride is soft and comfortable, but the attention required to compensate for the vehicle’s choppiness is tiresome on a longer drive.

The points it loses as an everyday driver, it gains for its genuine off-road capability. It starts by being able to tow 7,000 pounds and a high ground clearance, and available active height control that will raise the body by several inches when you need a little extra ground clearance.

It also has Crawl Control to help maneuver over rougher terrain at low speeds with and torque-vectoring brakes. Multi-terrain Select will let you choose between Rock, Rock & Dirt, Mogul, Loose Rock, or Mud & Sand to further optimize performance off-road. Those looking for more off-road in their luxury SUV might consider the Land Rover Range Rover a solid competing option.

2014 Lexus LX 570 Rear Quarter

This all comes at a price starting at $81,780 or $84,590 as tested and fuel efficiency ratings of 12/17 city/highway for just 14 MPG combined. If fuel economy is high on your list, then the 2014 Lexus LX 570 is not a good choice. We averaged 15.9 MPG on what was almost exclusively highway driving with just a small amount of city traffic. The Land Rover Ranger Rover again offers the same capability but bests it with a 13/23 city/highway rating if fuel economy is a priority.

If, however, you’re looking for a full-size SUV with plenty of comfort features and luxury styling combined with rugged off-road capability, then the 2014 Lexus LX 570 is a vehicle you’ll want to drive.

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I give the 2014 Lexus LX 570 a Buy It!Nicole Wakelin fell in love with cars as a teenager when she got to go for a ride in a Ferrari. It was red and it was fast and that was all that mattered. Game over. She considers things a bit more carefully now, but still has a weakness for fast, beautiful cars. Nicole also writes for NerdApproved and GeekMom.