Geneva: Rinspeed XchangE Concept shows a glimpse at Autonomous Future

rinspeed change concept tesla model s geneva 2014

Rinspeed is known for wild concepts that push the boundaries of what’s possible and stimulate our imaginations.  The Rinspeed XchangE Concept is next in line and will be shown at the 2014 Geneva Auto Show next month.  The XchangE does not transform into various shapes and it’s not amphibious.  Instead, it’s a concept that shows what autonomous cross-country driving may look like in the near future.


XchangE starts life as a Tesla Model S and gets a mild exterior update with new front and rear facias.  The big story is on the inside.  This all-electric luxury liner has a reconfigurable dashboard, seating positions, a multitude of screens and monitors, and a cappuccino machine. The point of this vehicle is to show what a fully autonomous car’s interior should look like and function like.


XchangE actually has redundant steer-by-wire system with a sliding steering wheel.  It’s touch sensitive and will let you take over the driving.  You can drive it from the left-hand side or pass the steering wheel to your front passenger.

Enjoy this TFLcar video from Geneva: