Photo of the day: TFLCar goes to China

Beijing Gt Wall and Fbd City 017
Nathan Adlen for TFLCar posing on the Great Wall of China. “I – AM – MIGHTY!”

Yes, it’s a tourist shot in China… but what’s that I see?

That’s Nathan in a brand-spankin’ new TFLCar shirt!

That’s right baby, nothing is below me when it comes to brand marketing!

Actually, I’m here on business. The Fast Lane Car (TFLCar) is here to cover the Shanghai Auto Show. I did have an extra day to be a tourist, but the rest of the visit is to get a feel for what China has to offer the automotive world. Let me tell you, it’s more impressive than I thought possible.

Beijing Gt Wall and Fbd City 011
Yep, that’s Dennis Gage. His mustache is usually curled, this is what it looks like without the wax. Yes – he uses wax. Pretty cool – no?

One photo is taken from the wall not too far from Beijing (actually, it’s still part of Beijing – I think). The other photo features Dennis Gage (from ‘My Classic Car’) and your’s truly. Dennis is here with me representing Hupo TV in China.

Hupo TV will carry the Jaiyou Car Channel which will feature TFLCar and his show among other shows like racing, collecting and DIY fixing programs too. It will be the only 24-hour channel in China dedicated to automobiles (and motorcycles). It’s exciting stuff folks. China has over a billion potential viewers and they are nuts about cars.

Oh yea, I am excited.

Anyway, I wanted to post these photos to show you what we’re up to.

Stay tuned for more!