2013 Ford Mustang GT vs V6 Mustang 0-60 MPH Mile High Mashup Test


What’s the fastest Mustang you can buy from 0-60 MPH @ 1 mile above sea level.

Is it the 2013 V8 Ford Mustang GT or the V6 Mustang?

The answer of course is the Mustang GT 5.0 as it has 100 more horsepower. But you already knew that.

What we wanted to find out is just how much faster is not only how much the 2013 Mustang can go to 60 MPH, but also (and perhaps more importunity) how much that extra speed costs.

In order to do that we put two 2013 Mustangs together (a V6 and a V8) and Mashed them up to find out in the video below.

Boost your Mustang’s horsepower with a Mutsang h-pipe from AmericanMuscle

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