Video: Watch Prince William and Kate Middleton take their father’s Aston Martin for a post wedding spin


There’s nothing like the feel of the wind in your hair (and of course the crazy cheers of ten of thousands) when driving a vintage Aston Martin. OK, to be honest you only get the cheers if you happen to be Prince William and Kate Middleton and you happened to have just gotten married in London.

You’ll also need a 1969 Seychelles Blue DB6 MKII Volante Aston Martin that belongs to Prince Charles.

If you can swing all of this and get married in London to a member or the Royal Family you are all set for the drop top ride of your life.

Watch the newly wed Prince William and Kate Middleton in the video below as they take the old Aston Martin for a spin around London.

You’ll note that the Aston Martin is a proper British car. According to published reports Kate Middleton owns a Audi A3 while Prince William usually drives himself around town in a Audi A4.

But not today.

Today was all about being as British as possible…so the Aston Martin was called into service for perhaps the year’s, if not the decades, most watched drop top drive.

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