Hemp EV Car to be Built by Canadians – Sweet!

Kestral ONE TFL 
No, this is not an April 1st joke.

I was waiting for this story for a long time. Not because of the subject matter, but because I though some stoner in Northern California would come up with it. It appears that Canada beat that stoner to the punch.

In what sounds like a missing piece from Cheech and Chong’s “Up in Smoke,” hemp is used as part of a process to build a fiberglass/carbon fiber- like material for a car. In this case, Motive Industries’ bio-fiber based composite is for real.

Kestrel3 This material would shape the three door electric car called the Kestrel (a popular name for a variety of falcons).

Details about the electric motor, wheels, brakes, interior, performance and manufacture process is kept on the down-low from the man… and everyone else. I know they are aiming at a very light curb weight, less than a ton if possible. This is a four seat vehicle and it looks like there’s just enough space in the trunk for a hacky-sack, Frisbee, a guitar, bongo drums, a box of Lucky Charms and a large bong.  

One positive for me is the exterior design, which is slick and realistic looking compared with other concepts I’ve seen. The price is said to be about $25,000, but I’m not too sure if that figure is in Canadian or U.S. dollars.

“Kestrel Specifications: Kestrel4


Compact 4 passengers, 3 doors, Drive train: Electric, single speed, Vehicle weight: 850kg, Top speed: 135 km/h, Range: 160km, Battery: 16 kWh lithium,

Construction type:

Bio-fiber based composite, Technology partners: Undisclosed, Manufacturing partners: Undisclosed, Production prototype tour target: 2011, Production manufacturing target: 2012, Transport Canada Certification target: Late 2012” – – Motive Industries

There is no mention of the 8-Circuit Model of Consciousness in its technical summary. I have no idea if the NORML Foundation sponsors this vehicle. At this point in time, everything looks rather conceptual – but it’s good enough for Popular Science Magazine who did a piece of Motive Industries’ Kestrel.

TFLCar.com will keep you posted if this vehicle is produced. I hope it is as I have some cool RUSH stickers (the band, not the dude) that would look bitchen’ on the Kestrel.PSC0311_HL_059

Strange – but I’m getting unusually hungry just writing about it.


I’ve got dibbs on the “420CAR” personalized license plate!

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