2011 Geneva Auto Show Highlights the Mini Rocketman Concept


At just over 11-feet in length, the Mini Rocketman is incredibly small, much smaller than the new Mini. It’s closer in size to the 2011 Scion IQ which is the tiniest four passenger (actually 3+1) to be sold in the USA for 2011. Like the IQ, this Mini concept has more room on the passenger’s side for human bodies. The driver’s seat does have a seat behind it, but it’s next to useless for average sized adults. Sea Monkeys might fit.

(Read the IQ Preview here

The carbon fiber body and lexan-like roof with a fully illuminated Union Jack are concept car fodder. Still, there are a few things that might point the way to a new, smaller Mini. The doors are double hinged, that way they can open a few inches on the first hinge, push forward and make a ton of room for entrance to the Mini. Think of it as a novel approach to a sliding door and you’re on the right track.


Following the iPod/iPhone/iPad trend, the future-car simplistic interior is complimented with Apple-like technology and caters to these portable devices.

The rear hatch is a clam shell-like design with a lifting hatch for the glass section and a sliding door for the bottom portion. It seems to fold down to make a larger cargo area – BMW and Mini have yet to confirm that. Speaking of confirming anything – – – there is no word on specifics; all we know is that it is supposed to get amazing economy. 

If the public reception of this little number is positive enough, we may be looking at the next step for Mini. Just remove some of the bits that are WAY too imaginative and you might have something. I mean, come on… a Mini made of carbon fiber? Not very economical. I sincerely LOVE the idea of Mini getting back to its roots and making a smaller car.

Images via: BMW

Ha! Just when the world began yelling at Mini for physically growing too big – they do THIS! You have to admire their chutzpa.

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