The first ever American Porsche: Iconic German car maker considering building cars in U.S.


Imaging going on a Porsche factory tour without ever having to leave the United States.

That may be possible according to the latest news from the German car maker because Porsche is considering building cars in the United States.

In a statement Matthias Mueller, Porsche’s chief executive office said, “The VW group plans to sell 10 to 11 million cars annually in the long term. Its production capacity is right now at 7-8 million.”

According to Reuters, that means that if Porsche wants to expand capacity they’ll need to build more plants and top two possible locations for new Porsche plants could be in their top oversees markets which include China and the United States.

“In order to cover the capacity needs within the VW group, around five, six new plants worldwide need to be built definitely. We should naturally signal our need early enough, otherwise we won’t get then,” he added.

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