Mini Beachcomber Concept might be actually built (maybe)


Did you know that Mini has never shown a concept car that wasn't built into a production car?

With that fact as a backdrop longtime automotive journalist John Matras reports that his source inside the company say Mini is working on making the Beachcomber concept a reality.

Click HERE to check out a video of the official Detroit intro of the Beachcomber last year.


"The problem," according to an unnamed source by Matras,  "is that the Mini Beachcomber, as is,
is a "seasonal" car for most of the world and it's Mini's goal to make
one global offering of any Mini. Any Mini made must be able to be sold
around the globe."

We say build it and they will come…or to be more precise they will buy it.


Mini has of course announced plans to build a crossover called the Countryman, which in part is based on the  Beachcomber concept, but you know it won't be as much fun as a totally open air mini buggy Beachcomber.

We want one even though we live thousands of miles from the nearest beach.

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