Video Ford Fiesta vs. Lamborghini: guess which one wins and it is not the Lambo


You got to love social media.

The fine folks at Ford, or whoever does their social media marketing, put together this fun video comparing the new Ford Fiesta to the Lamborghini Gallardo.

So which one do you think wins the shootout?


Here's the official score by our count.

1) acceleration: Lambo

2) capless fuel filler: Fiesta

3) turning diameter: Fiesta

4) useable trunk: Fiesta


Now we driven both the Fiesta (HERE) and the Lamborghini (HERE) and we have to be honest in out blunt opinion that we'd take the Lambo in a heartbeat over the Fiesta and not because of why you might think. In fact the new Fiesta (which BTW begins production in Mexico this week) is a fine car and we look forward to the day when we get one as our weekly drive.

No, the reason we'd take the Lamborghini over the Fiesta is because IT IS A LAMBORGHINI that will get even the high school's D & D club's dungeon master (male or female) laid in a heart beat.


Try that with a capless fuel filler.

And just for the record Brittani Taylor…the Lamborghini's trunk is in the front. That big metal thing you are looking at in the back is car's engine.

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