First Drive Video 2010 Tesla Roadster: Buy now and get a $42,000 tax credit good for a couple of Kias


The amount of $42,083.00 can take your breath away . . . especially if that's how much money you can save by purchasing an all-electric car. That's also the tax credit amount Colorado residents who purchase the new, all-electric Tesla Roadster will earn if they purchase the pioneering EV car by the end of the year.

But before you rush out and buy Tesla Roadster, keep in mind the base price is $109,000. But even at more than $100,000, Tesla has sold six cars in Colorado — even though the manufacturer's new showroom in downtown Boulder hasn't opened.

The generous tax incentive could be one of the reasons why Tesla Motors is opening up a retail location in Boulder this week and is offering test drives to any potential customers. So how does an all-electric car completely powered by the power of just less than 7,000 laptop batteries drive?

Just watch the video and find out: