The Smaller Volvo EX30 Crossover Will Debut on June 7

Volvo's newest EV is just under a month away from its reveal

  • Following the much larger EX90, Volvo teased the smaller EX30 crossover with a June 7 reveal date.
  • Like the EX90, the EX30 seems to lean heavily on futuristic styling and a host of LED lighting both front and rear.
  • Volvo may position the EX30 at the entry-level side of its all-electric SUV lineup, though we don’t know at the moment whether this will be smaller or larger than the existing XC40 Recharge.

Volvo’s nearly ready to reveal its next all-electric model: Meet the EX30.

The Swedish automaker teased another, smaller offering for its new ‘EX’ series as it brought the EX90 to the masses, but now we have an official teaser, the EX30 name and a firm date on when we’ll know more.

“Something small is coming,” is all Volvo said about its upcoming model. That’s not much to go on, but we can see a few clues of what’s coming up. at the back, the upcoming EX30 sports a similar LED light signature to its larger sibling. Not only that, but the 30 actually goes a step further in the front with full-width LED light cluster. It’s unclear, obviously, if that will actually make it through to production spec. If it does, though, you’ll definitely be able to spot one of these cars in the dark.

The Volvo EX90, for its part, packs a dual-motor all-wheel drive powertrain with nearly 500 horsepower. While the EX30 may not pack that much grunt, it may come close since the current XC40 Recharge boasts 402 horsepower in its “Twin Motor” setup. It’s tough to say right now exactly how Volvo will position the EX30 relative to the C40 Recharge and XC40 Recharge, but at least we don’t have to wait much longer.

Stay tuned for more updates next month! In the meantime, check out our latest review on the XC40 Recharge below. As a side note, the 2024 model does bring more range to the party: