Bentley Commemorates the W12 Engine with Speed Edition 12 Continental, Flying Spur and Bentayga Models

The luxury automaker will build just 120 units of each car

(Images: Volkswagen Group | Bentley)
  • Bentley announced new ‘Speed Edition 12’ models yesterday, commemorating its 6.0-liter W12 engine before production ends in April 2024.
  • 120 units of the Continental GT/GTC, Flying Spur and Bentayga SUV will be produced.
    • Each buyer gets a range of special touches, including a 15%-scale engine block to mark the occasion.
  • Formal pricing isn’t available just yet, but expect to spend at least a quarter-million dollars no matter which version you go for.

The Bentley Speed Edition 12 sends off the brand’s most iconic engine in style.

The automaker announced it would cease production of its iconic engine earlier this year, so it’s offering up one last hurrah by way of its new Speed Edition 12 models. More than 100,000 W12-engined Bentleys will have been manufactured by April 2024, making it one of the most successful 12-cylinder runs ever and these special versions of the Continental GT coupe, Continental GTC convertible, Flying Spur sedan and Bentayga SUV will be among the very last to house that engine.

As you’d expect, the Bentley Speed Edition 12 model comes with a host of special touches, even over the standard Speed models. Each car gets Edition 12 badges, as well as blackened out brightwork and 22-inch black wheels with self-leveling badges (that’s how you know you’re driving a posh car). Bentley fits each car with Mulliner silver-piped seats and silver brake calipers, as well as serialized engine plaque, naturally. On the passenger-side IP, you even get the W12’s firing order inlaid with the Speed Edition 12 moniker.

Each buyer will have the option to get their Speed Edition 12 in Opalite, shown in Bentley’s announcement photos.

Since we’re talking about a nod to the iconic W12, though, Bentley also plans to include something special: another engine. All right, it’s just a 15% scale model of the 6.0-liter mill (and no, it doesn’t run), but Bentley makes it from the same cast aluminum as the full-size engine’s block. So there’s that. It’s a thoughtful little touch, if you can spare the cash for one of the Speed Edition 12 models.

Speaking of which, as is the way with Bentley, these are going to sport a serious premium over the ‘standard’ Bentley models. Official pricing is not out just yet, but expect to pay a premium, even beyond your stock speed. At least $275,000 or so is certainly within the realm of possibility, since only 120 units of each model will ever exist.