It’s Officially a Sad Day: Bentley Announces the End of W12 Production

The 739 horsepower Batur will be the engine's swan song

Images: Bentley

Bentley’s final W12 will have the distinction of being the most powerful version of the W12 ever built, though.

The most powerful, and final, version of Bentley’s W12 will inhabit 18 examples of the Mulliner-built Bentley Batur. It will develop 750 PS (739.74 hp) and 1,000 Nm (737.6 lb-ft) of torque. According to Bentley, the “torque plateau” runs from 1,750 to 5,000 rpm, and peak power is at 5,500 rpm.

There will be a limited number of lower output, 659 PS (649.9) versions of the W12 engine offered as well. The “Speed” versions of the Continental GT, Bentayga and Flying Spur will have the W12 as an option. In addition, the limited Continental GT Mulliner and Flying Spur Mulliner can still be ordered with W12 power.

Not only is this the beginning of the end for the W12, it’s nearly the end of all 12-cylinder engines in current automotive production. Only a handful of vehicles are being produced with 12-cylinder options, a majority are sourced from BMW and Mercedes-Benz. Many experts expect the demise of those V12s to also wind down in the next year or two.

2023 Bentley Flying Spur Speed

Volkswagen and Bentley wanted a compact 12-cylinder

Bentley began production of the 6.0-litre twin-turbocharged W12 in 2002. According to Bentley, the “W” configuration makes the engine 24 percent shorter than an equivalent V12. This shortens the deck, allows for more interior space and gives the automaker greater flexibility with engine placement.

“The latest generation of W12 was launched in the Bentayga in 2015. A thoroughly reworked engine included a crankcase 30 per cent stronger than its predecessor, while the cylinder surfaces were coated to reduce friction and improve corrosion resistance. A low-alloy steel coating is applied to the bores using an Atmospheric Plasma Spray (APS) process.”


Bentley currently offers seven models, including SUVs, sedans, convertibles, hybrids and sport coups. The automaker has stated that they will be moving to a more electrified fleet in the near future.