JLR Announces Shift to ‘House of Brands’ Approach and Is Launching an Electric Jaguar GT Model in 2025

Orders for the all-electric Range Rover open this year, too

Jaguar says it will reveal a new all-electric GT by the end of this year.

There’s a tremendous amount of moving and shaking within the car industry as automakers heavily invest toward electrifying their lineups over the next several years. JLR — the abbreviated and newly official name for what was formerly Jaguar Land Rover — shared more details on its upcoming plans, including a fully electric four-door GT car set to debut in a few months’ time. The automaker also announced orders for the electric Range Rover will open later on this year.

Before getting into that, though, let’s cover more details on the Jaguar. Or, since the above image is the only official “teaser” we have of this upcoming model that doesn’t reveal much at all, what the company says we’ll see in late 2023. This four-door GT will be the most powerful Jaguar to date, with a range of up to 700 kilometers (or 430 miles). What’s more, Jaguar says pricing will start somewhere around £100,000 for a UK-market car. We obviously don’t have U.S.-specific numbers, but if that price translates directly into dollars, we’re looking at an MSRP around $125,000.

What little we can see of the car suggests a rakish roofline and wide haunches, which are both exciting prospects for something to take on, say, the Porsche Taycan, Mercedes-AMG EQS, the Lucid Air or the Tesla Model S Plaid.

Jaguar will build its four-door electric GT at its Solihull plant in the UK, though its battery cells will come from parent company Tata’s gigafactory in Somerset, a deal that’s currently in the works with Chinese firm Envision.

JLR announces £15 billion worth of investment to bolster its industrial operations

In fact, the company is dropping a substantial sum of money into manufacturing facilities, autonomous driving tech, AI and expanding its workforce to accommodate its electric transformation. Its Halewood plant in the UK is also a crucial component of the electric Range Rover (arriving in 2025), using the brand’s new electrified modular architecture (EMA).

All of these decisions came about as part of JLR’s “Reimagine” strategy, which it originally announced in 2021.

While we still have a couple years before hitting the streets, the company also mentioned it would open orders for the Range Rover EV later this year. It’s not clear just yet exactly it will cost, but it may actually sit in its own showroom separate from the Jaguar EV and other JLR vehicles outside the Range Rover family.

In another piece of news Wednesday, JLR executives say they aim to create a “house of brands” approach — spinning off popular names into their own brands, potentially with their own showrooms. So, we’ll see four brands under the JLR umbrella rather than two, with Land Rover splitting into Range Rover, Defender and Discovery brands; while Jaguar may well be a separate entity, at least to the end customer.

One major drive behind that effort is the plan to use Jaguar as the spearhead of JLR’s electric transformation. It will forge the path into an EV-only brand, while the others will still offer ICE, hybrid and battery electric options under the modular longitudinal architecture (MLA) we know today, on which the gas-powered Range Rover and Range Rover Sport models are built.