Ferrari Launches Recall for Potential Brake Failure Covering 23,555 Cars Built Since 2005

Ferrari Portofino
(Images: Ferrari)

Ferrari just launched a massive recall affecting 19 different models.

Whether you’re behind the wheel of a Nissan Versa or indeed a Ferrari Portofino — not sure if I’ve ever seen those two mentioned in the same sentence before — working brakes are essential. As fun as it is to drive fast, you want to be able to slow your progress at the appropriate moment, and that’s where the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration’s recent recall document is problematic for Ferrari owners.

In fact, some 23,555 Ferrari models stretching all the way back to 2005 may suffer “loss of brake function”, which the NHTSA mentions may “increase the risk of a crash.” Naturally.

Specifically, the problem lies with the brake fluid reservoir cap, which may not vent properly, creating a vacuum and potentially causing a brake fluid leak that affects brake function.

So, your next question is likely, “Which Ferraris are we talking about here?” Um, all of them, pretty much. At least those built since 2005. There are a few exceptions off the top — there’s no mention of the SF90 Stradale or the 296 GTB — but virtually every other model is part of this recall campaign, assigned 22V-536 by the NHTSA.

Models affected by the brake failure recall include (in numerical/alphabetical order:

Model Affected Model Years
F4302005 – 2009
488 Pista2019 – 2020
6122010 – 2011
612 Scaglietti2005 – 2011
812 Superfast2018 – 2022
California2009 – 2017
California T2015 – 2017
F12 Berlinetta2013 – 2017
F12tdf (Tour de France)2017
F60 America2016
F8 Spider2020 – 2022
F8 Tributo2020 – 2022
FF2012 – 2016
GTC4Lusso2018 – 2020
GTC4Lusso T2018 – 2019
LaFerrari2013 – 2015
LaFerrari Aperta2017
Portofino2019 – 2022
Roma2021 – 2022

How Ferrari will fix the issue

Fortunately, dealers will be able to sort the problem out by replacing the brake fluid reservoir cap, free of charge. They will also update the cars’ onboard software to provide a warning message for low brake fluid. Owners should start receiving letters after September 24, 2022. In the meantime, concerned owners can contact Ferrari customer service at (201) 816-2668. Ferrari’s recall number for this campaign is RC 80.

You can also read the NHTSA’s Safety Recall Report and Recall Acknowledgement for more information.