Yes, You *Can* Still Build A Base Model 2022 Ford Bronco: Update

A temporary site issue was preventing folks from reaching the build page for the base version

Ford’s base Bronco was unavailable through the configurator for a time — but you should be able to build one again shortly. (Images: Ford)

There are no immediate changes to the Ford Bronco lineup.

On Thursday, several folks hitting up Ford’s Build & Price site for the 2022 Ford Bronco noticed a strange quirk. The base trim of the new model year showed no photo, and end users weren’t able to easily get to actually build their own cars. All other trims were still available, but a gray, crossed out box showed up where your entry-level Bronco should be. A post on Bronco6G forums originally pointed out that the base Bronco was no longer available.

As of Friday morning, the configurator is still not displaying that version properly, but you can reach the build page through this workaround link.

What viewers to Ford’s Bronco configurator site saw when trying to build their SUV late this week. (Image: Ford, via screenshot)

Naturally, curiosity kicked into high gear, spurring the rumor that Ford planned to quietly drop the base model, perhaps in favor of an old-school looking “Heritage Edition”. We still can’t speak to the validity of that special edition just yet, but the base model Bronco is indeed still available to build.

Ford’s communications team put out a notice to that effect, including via Twitter:

Again, it appears that Ford’s website simply had a glitch, and you can configure the base Ford Bronco again at this link. At present, the entry-level version kicks off at $30,795 (including destination) for the two-door model.