Infiniti Combats FOMO With Free Wireless Apple CarPlay Upgrade To 2020-2021 Models: News

Most owners across Infiniti's lineup will get the quality-of-life upgrade

Infiniti — Wireless Apple CarPlay upgrade
Most Infiniti models from 2020 forward will now get wireless Apple CarPlay — though Android Auto users will still need to plug in via USB. (Image: Infiniti)

Wireless Apple CarPlay is a small, but welcome addition.

It’s a standard feature across Infiniti’s 2022 lineup, from the largely unchanged Q50 and Q60 to the redesigned QX60 crossover. Now, though, the automaker is offering a free upgrade to wireless Apple CarPlay for its 2020 and 2021 owners, across most of its models.

The entire list includes the Q50 and Q60 cars, as well as the compact QX50 crossover and the large QX80 SUV. You could already get both Apple CarPlay and Android Auto in those cars, but you had to plug in for both cases. At the moment, Nissan and its luxury arm still require you to plug in for the latter, but iPhone users will appreciate the update to wireless capability.

Infiniti says you can get the software update through your dealer with no strings attached. That said, there is still a caveat — the complimentary update is only available through March 31, 2022. Granted, that gives you a bit over five months to get it done, but I’d still consider that a string of sorts. If you have an Infiniti with a wholly upgraded infotainment system — a 2022 model year QX55, QX80 or QX60 — then you won’t have to worry about this update.

Again, Android Auto users are unfortunately tethered to the USB port, at least for now. Most automakers that don’t already offer wireless capability for Google-minded owners are actively working on it, though there’s no clear date for when some Nissan/Infiniti cars will see the feature.

Check out more on the updated QX60 below: