Honda Brings HPD Civic Si Race Car, Type R Crate Engine And Off-Roaders To SEMA Lineup: News

Here's a look at Honda's bringing to SEMA this year

Honda Civic Si
Honda’s HPD Civic Si Race Car Prototype aims to be a turn-key entry-level touring car, designed for track day use. (Images: Honda)

Honda fleshes out its SEMA lineup with Civic Si racers, as well as off-roaders.

We’re in the lead-up week to this year’s SEMA exhibition in Las Vegas — and aftermarket specialists as well as manufacturers are showing off quite a few builds for every kind of enthusiast. Take Honda as just one example. Whether you’re looking for a track-ready racer (or need an engine to build your own), overland builds or an overland motorcycle, the automaker’s bringing something for enthusiasts across the spectrum this year.

Right on the heels of its Civic Si debut, though, it’s clear Honda’s focusing heavily on racing versions of its hotter sedan, at least since the new Type R hasn’t been revealed yet. The photos above show off the HPD (Honda Performance Development) Civic Si Race Car Prototype, which takes the stock car down to its most essential components to create a turn-key, entry-level touring car.

More on the HPD Civic Si Race Car Prototype

You still get a 1.5-liter turbocharged engine chucking out 200 horsepower, paired to a 6-speed manual transmission. This time around, though, the prototype brings a host of HPD spoilers and side skirts, as well as a sizable rear wing and stickier Pirelli racing slicks. HPD also fits a roll cage, while it worked with Cusco and Borla respectively to develop the limited-slip differential and turbo-back exhaust.

Team Honda Research West Civic Si Race Car

This is the racer Honda teased a few weeks ago, prior to the production car’s reveal. Team Honda Research West developed this car to take on 25 Hours of Thunderhill in December, so it’s a little more hardcore than what the automaker’s doing with its other Civic-based builds this year.

This Si brings in more power, for a start — with the 1.5-liter engine putting out 220 horsepower and 240 lb-ft of torque. Beefier brakes from Paragon with PAGID RSL1 custom endurance racing pads feature here, while this car also gets H&R racing coil springs and KW 2-way EXR racing shocks, among a long list of other aftermarket and custom upgrades. FIA race-spec equipment, from the bucket seat to the 6-point race harness and 32-gallon fuel cell are also part of the build.

Honda SEMA 2021

K20C1 crate engine: Type R power is now available to everyone!

Only factory-backed racing teams could get the Type R’s K20C1 as a crate engine from HPD directly, but that’s now changing. Anyone can now get their hands on this motor for racing and off-road applications from HPD’s official dealers. That list includes United Speed Racing in Georgia, Science of Speed in Arizona, 4Piston Racing in Indiana and Mountune in California.

The K20C1 crate package comes with the engine long block, alternator, turbocharger, starter motor and HPD-tuned ECU. A “Controls Package” adds in the HPD-tuned ECU, engine swap harness and an accelerator pedal to make fitment into an assortment of vehicles a bit easier.

Other builds: Team Liquid Civic Hatchback, HPD Civic Si, Passport TrailSport Rugged Roads

Honda’s other SEMA Civic builds show off HPD accessories to add some more sportiness across the lineup. The Team Liquid Civic hatchback brings the front leap, rear spoiler, and badging, as you’d expect. The twist here is the rest of the livery, as well as the Thule Motion XT Alpine roofbox. The Civic, Sport and Honda logos, Si valve stem caps, 18-inch alloy wheels and roof carrier all come straight from the Honda accessories catalog.

The 2022 HPD Honda Civic Si is more or less a parts showcase, should you want to give your Si a bit more flair. Again, you get the HPD underbody spoiler, side skirts, rear spoiler and badging. The 18-inch wheels, valve stem caps and decals are from the standard accessories list.

The Honda Passport TrailSport may look familiar, as Honda debuted the ‘Rugged Roads’ in last month. This one is the accessories showcase again demonstrating what’s possible to build more of an off-roady crossover, with those aftermarket touches. The 1.5-inch front lift and 3/4-inch rear lift come from Jsport, while this Rugged Roads 2.0 rides on Firestone Destination A/T2 tires. The 18-inch wheels, trailer hitch and interior cargo tray are all from Honda’s own accessory catalog. Finally, the rear hitch wheel and tire carrier is from Dirt Complex, while the front recovery points and extra underbody armor are custom-made.

There’s even more than what’s here, including an overland-built Africa Twin motorcycle and the Ridgeline “HPD Trail Tour” project. Check out our SEMA coverage next week to check it all out from a hands-on perspective!