Rivian Shares Details On Its Warranty Coverage, Matching Or Beating Tesla: News

Rivian's offering up to 175,000 miles of coverage on their battery packs and drivetrain components

Rivian Shares Details On Its Warranty Coverage, Matching Or Beating Tesla: News
Rivian is gearing up for production in the coming months. (Photos: Rivian)

Rivian’s battery coverage should help with peace of mind.

This week, Rivian quietly shared more details on their warranty coverage — a point of concern for all early adopters anxiously awaiting their R1S SUVs or R1T pickups in the coming months. As it’s ramping up to actually build and deliver vehicles to customers, how well their after-sales support stacks up may drive their success or failure just as much as the hype leading up to their impending launches over the past couple years.

More details on bumper-to-bumper, powertrain, perforation warranties

Critically, the Rivian warranty picture has to look just as solid, if not even better than chief rival Tesla. There’s some good news on that front, from the bumper-to-bumper coverage to the all-important battery warranty. Starting off with what most automakers call the “new vehicle limited warranty”, Rivian’s comprehensive coverage lasts for a standard four years or 60,000 miles. That takes care of parts and labor related to any defective materials. Tesla’s “Basic Vehicle Limited Warranty” covers the same distance, but lasts for just four years, rather than five. For its part, though, Tesla does offer the 5-year/60,000-mile coverage on the supplemental restraint system (seat belts, airbags, etc.).

On the battery front, Rivian promises eight years or 175,000 miles, which “includes all components inside the high-voltage battery”. In the process, the company also guarantees at least 70 percent of the pack’s usable capacity over the warranty period. Tesla offers eight years of battery coverage as well, but the distance covered varies depending on which model you buy. The Model 3 Standard Range is up in just 100,000 miles; other Model 3 and Model Y variants get 120,000 miles; and Model S and X variants get 150,000 miles. At any rate, Rivian’s warranty outmatches Tesla, and Rivian also covers drivetrain components for the same time and distance as its battery pack. Tesla’s drivetrain coverage mirrors whichever battery warranty coverage you get based on which model you buy.

Anti-perforation coverage

Rivian warranty coverage also extends to corrosion (anti-perforation) for eight years. The mileage on the corrosion warranty is unlimited, so you’re covered if your R1S or R1T develops holes from rust due to faulty materials or workmanship.

As ever, owners may void their warranties from “improper maintenance, service or repair,” though the full limitations haven’t been listed yet. The company does not require service or repairs to be made at a Rivian-authorized repair facility, but does not guarantee coverage if you go that route. On the whole, the company’s warranty coverage is certainly competitive, but the key isn’t necessarily how good the coverage is — it’s how often you have to use it. To get a gauge on that, we’ll have to see how Rivian’s vehicles hold up over the next few years, once they start reaching customers.